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Shaadi Sangeet gets a contract to arrange for Sangeet Ceremony for a mega wedding in Four seasons hotel, Mumbai.

Looking for a Sangeet sandhya choreographer in Pune?

Located in Pune & Mumbai, India, Shaadi Sangeet is your very own dance choreographer group that specializes in choreographing dances for weddings, sangeet ceremonies and other wedding events. The Sangeet ceremony is a special ceremony that has an air of festivity and celebration. It is in the sangeet ceremony where members of both the bride’s and groom’s family and friends perform on songs from movies and traditional folk songs. Shaadi Sangeet help you choose and perfect your dance routine for the sangeet ceremony in the least possible time!

At Shaadi Sangeet, we will assist you in achieving the following:

  • Selection of a dance theme
  • Wedding Sangeet Script and Quotes
  • Setting up of dance routine and dance steps
  • Song selection for Sangeet Sandhya night
  • Song editing and mixing
  • Dance rehearsals
  • Sangeet Sandhya Anchor

Shaadi Sangeet pays a lot of importance to perfection. Shaadi Sangeet could just set up general steps on a song of your choice and you could proceed on your own from there or could alternatively assist you in preparing an elaborate group dance with appropriate songs and costumes. Of course the choice is completely yours. We draft our services keeping in mind the latest trends doing the rounds of the marriage market and also the affordability of these services for people from all budget ranges. In short, we customize our services to suit the individual requirements of our clients.

Press & Media

Choreographers For Sangeet Sandhya Sangeet Sandhya Wedding Choreographer was featured in National Geographic Magazine "Traveler" under section My Big Fat Indian Wedding. We planned a nice theme based Wedding Choreography in Udaipur.

sangeet sandhya anchors Wedding Choreographer Trupti was featured by Times of India. Trupti Shah choreographed a fashion show for Talwalkars Gym in Pune which was followed by a Bollywood dance performance.

Have a wedding in your family and planning a Sangeet Sandhya? contact us with your requirements.